A Story of a Start Up Owner

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It was rainy Monday when a new startup showed up in a working space where I used to work before. It was just three women who I knew later that they were a roommate in college. Ela is the owner and Nadia and Diu are the web developer. Ela trusted Nadia and Diu so much and they worked together well because they knew each other for a long time. Sometimes they brought their lunch and shared it. They were also very friendly to neighbor startups that work there. It was good to see their teamwork, until one day something happened.

Ela gave each one of her staff one laptop to do their work. Because there were only two of them, Ela thought no need to record it in the inventory book. What started as no big deal for her, became the beginning of her downfall. One day when Nadia just about to enjoy a sip of her warm coffee, she spilled it on her work laptop. Ela told Nadia to bring it to a service center. For several days, Nadia worked on her personal laptop and everything still going smoothly for them. They got new clients and a lot of people start to recognize their work.

After few days, Nadia got a new message from the service center that her laptop has been repaired. After lunch, she went to get it. She began to notice that it wasn’t her work laptop. Ela asked whether she checked it before going back to the office. Nadia said she didn’t check it because, from the hardware, it looked like her work laptop so she just grabbed it. Ela ordered Nadia to get her laptop work back from the service center.
The next day, Nadia went back to the service center to get her laptop work back and the technician asked for the serial number of her laptop. She didn’t know but she thought maybe Ela knew since she was the one who bought it. Nadia told Ela to go to the service center. But that was a busy Thursday for Ela since she has to meet a new potential client so she’ll going to the service center tomorrow.

On Friday, Ela went to the service center and asked where is Nadia’s work laptop. Again, the technician asked for the service number. She didn’t remember it because she didn’t record the laptop in the inventory system. The technician couldn’t help her because she didn’t have it. He asked Ela politely to come back to the store once she got the serial number of her laptop. She came back to the office empty-handed and both Nadia and Diu asked why. Pissed, Ela began to blame Nadia for her clumsiness. They both began to bring their past to the argument. Diu asked them to calm down but they didn’t listen and the argument getting louder until almost all of us in the working space heard it.

Things began to escalate and Nadia stormed out of the office almost cried. Diu went after her and left Ela alone devastated. It was such a shocking event for us because we only saw their good teamwork. We didn’t saw them the next Monday or the days after. After a week, Ela came alone. Lani from the next space asked how things were going. With a gloomy face, Ela said Nadia and Diu left her and she hasn’t been able to work since then. A big potential client was also gone because she need to do a presentation and the data mostly was in Nadia’s laptop. Now, she was alone didn’t know what to do.

All of this won’t happen if Ela simply records her inventories in the inventory system. You don’t want this happen to you right? We can help you. Our system enables the company to track which employee assigned with the inventory and any other details of the inventory. Contact us here for more information and a FREE demo.

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