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Easily Manage and Track Employee Training

This feature helps companies to tracks each employees’ job, skill, and training details. Make it easier for companies to manage employee training record and give the right training for the right person.

Tracking of employee training

Training feature helps companies to track the training record of each employee (i.e date, time, provider, training course), so that each employee can receive the right training based on their skills and needs.

Manage training

Training Management makes it easier for companies in managing employee training to improve employees’ skills, such as: available training, training request, and reminder for the upcoming training.

Course Category

The training course category is split into two types, internal (in-house training) and external (base on WGS and Non-WSG training course).


Training Data

Training feature consists of

the training data of each

employee in a company

and the training files


Training Schedule

Details of

schedule for the training

that is already recorded

in the training data.

Training Assignment

Show the list of

training that will be

taken by the employess.


This feature also consist

the data of the employees who

passed/failed the training.

Company can upload certificate

if there’s any.


Training data will be integrated

with attendance calendar, 

so that company can see who

has training schedule from

attendance calendar.

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