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Automate your HR tasks with the most powerful HRM system in Singapore. Trusted by thousands of companies from various industries.

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One Seamless Centralized System

Why use so many different systems when you can automate your payroll processing, track employee record, manage attendance/scheduling, and many more, all in one place.

Payroll Automation

Automatically calculate and process payroll through every channel.

Attendance & Scheduling

Record employee attendance in less than a minute using face recognition. Works even without internet connection.

Leave Management

Skip all the hassle of leave management. Approve or request leave with just few clicks.

Employee Record

Save and manage unlimited amount of employee data in a secure cloud environment.

Inventory Management

Track and manage company assets assigned to employee such as uniform and devices.

Training Management

View each employee’s job, skill, and past training in details. Schedule a training with automatic reminder.

Performance Appraisal

Set goals for your employees and monitor how they perform, all at your fingertips.

What Makes Companies Prefer HRMLabs?

HRMLabs uniquely delivers a combination of flexibility and power that is unmatched by any other HRM system.


Ease of Use

Our user-friendly interface enables anyone to use the system. No prior technical knowledge required.



Fully customizable. Pick any module according to your needs to show up in your Dashboard.


Compatible Across Devices

Mobile apps and web apps available. Works smooth on smaller screen.


Always Up-To-Date

Our system stays updated with the latest government policies, taxes, and employment rules.


Cloud Platform

Secure and reliable servers with guaranteed up-time and daily back-up.


Dependable Customer Support

Our trained Customer Support will assist you thoroughly. We assure you are in good hands.

Used by Leading Companies

Whether 5 or 500 employees, HRMLabs helps any business by optimizing their HR management workflow.

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