Have You Ever Got Any Problem With IR8A Submission?

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Have you ever got any problem with IR8A submission? 
Like maybe it takes too much time to collecting and inputting all the information manually. Don’t forget that there are also risk of human error, and IRAS audits tax returns and imposes penalties when there are errors, omissions and discrepancies. Or maybe you’re just so confused on how it should be done?  We will talk more about the solution, but first let’s understand about what IR8A is.

What is IR8A Form Submission?
As an employee or employer at Singapore, you must’ve heard of IR8A(Employment Income) submission.  IR8A is a“Return of Employee’s Remuneration” It’s provided to employees by their employer and supplies the information necessary to complete the employee’s income tax return.

It is also mandatory for all Singapore employers to report the yearly IR8Aof their employees to IRAS(Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).  Submitting the IR8A forms is an annual heavy work for the employers. Usually, they do this work manually with a paper IR8A form. Let’s say you have a hundreds or maybe thousands of employee, could you imagine all the works that has to be done?

Imagine you have to gather all of your employee’s information, fill it in one by one on a huge numbers of IR8A paper form, then you have to checking with the IRAS to make sure there is no mistakes on the form that you submitted before.

Never worry again!
We understand that sometimes bureaucracy could be complicated, that’s why HRMLabs is here to help you greatly reduce all the works, time and cost on submitting the IR8A form. 

By simply using HRMLabs payroll software, you could easily complete your IR8A submission without wasting any unnecessary time and money. The software also generate reports that are supported with AIS file format (.txt or .xml). HRMLabs could also compiling employee’s salary and allowance into yearly figures is as simple as one click away.  This way, you no longer have to collect and consolidate employee’s salary in manual ways.
HRMLabs consolidates last 12 months’ payroll into the electronic format that is required by IRAS. Then, system will generate a file which is compatible to be uploaded into IRAS portal. This means we are certified by IRAS where our payroll software support the e-Submission of Employment Income.
Stay updated! HRMLabs has up-to-date features with Government Compliance, Taxes, and Employment rules. With the user-friendly system, it also enables anyone to use the system and saving the time to works on the IR8A submission. 

Enjoy Many Features!Not limited to help you with the IR8A submission, the HRMLabs also have many other features that could helps improving your company productivity, especially on Human Resources Department. Employee Management, Attendance Management, and there’s many more interesting feature in the HRMLabs.
If you’re curious and want to know more about the benefits of HRMLabs, you can ask us any questions here https://hrmlabs.com/contact-us/ we will reach you back with answers as soon as possible! Or you can also schedule an online demo to try out the benefit or HRMLabs, Interesting huh? 😉

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