4 Ways HRMS Changes Your HR Department

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What makes HR department so busy?
Or too busy?

Typically, HR dealing with employees, whether it is leave, training data, or checking attendance. On top of it, HR still have to answer questions about payroll and keep up with compliance. There’s only a little room left for more responsibilities like hiring new talent or developing strategies for motivating and retaining employees.

Your time and energy are valuable. So, you shouldn’t have spent most of your day on administrative or routine tasks. You need to consider a change if you are working with pen and paper in employee administrative work or using a specialised software for recruiting. When the work is not centralised and not in sync, it is still complicated for HR to save more time while get things done.

With human resource management system (HRMS), the tasks of HR from employee management to payroll can be done smoothly without having used most of the day for administrative tasks.

HRMS platform will ease you in the matter of managing employee, provide analytics, central database, benefit, onboarding, payroll, time attendance, and performance tracking. HRMS platform with its technology can transform the way HR work in many ways.

  • Save time with self-service

In the modern days, people used to do self-service, so many are expecting to do the same in modern workplace. An automated system can cut the complicated process of traditional HR admin. Employees often have specific questions about their time-off, benefits, and salaries. Answering those questions can take up a huge chunk of your work hours.

With self-service portal, employees can view and update their personal information, access their payment information and leave balance easily from remote site with mobile app or website.

  • Automate process, reduce error

Imagine if you have errors when doing payroll and compliance. It will not only waste your time to check and recalculate. But also can be costly due to the penalty you might have to encounter.

Using HRMS payroll will automate this process, so that you need not to worry that these kinds of error would happen again. It automatically gather the data related to payment and calculates each employee’s salary, deduct the correct amount of tax, and HR will find it easy to generate itemised payslip. In addition, all the information will be centralised in cloud. So, you don’t have to dive into paper documents to find each employee data.

  • Improve employee performance

HRMS enables employee to evaluate their own performance with performance appraisal management.

Employees are more motivated and productive if they know that what they are doing is in line with business objective. In addition, both employee and manager can have the same view on employee’s performance and have a better understanding on their performance. Managers can acknowledge each employee’s progress and employees have clearer understanding of their career path.

  • Provide more actionable insight

HRMS is not only record information, but also able to generate report and provides analytics on HR goals, such as key performance indicator.

Nowadays, business is looking for a more data-driven initiatives and strategies, including in HR. Whether It is for recruiting efficiently, reduce turnover, provide training for who or increasing employee engagement. These kinds of decision would need a trusted data to support it and to prove that the right step has been taken in strategic manner.

Still has not decided on HRMS?
In the fast-changing marketplace, we can’t risk delays and inaccuracies in routine-complicated processes. We can’t afford the time for administrative task if we want people to add real business value.

You need to be decisive if you want to go ahead of your competitors.

HRMS, with self-service portal, automated payroll processing, easy attendance check-in/out and leave request, and central database, will help you to reduce the time spent on labour-intensive task and transform your HR department to be more effective and efficient.

If you are looking for an HRMS solution in the market, you need to do more research on what solution and features you need, the implementation, easy-to-use, and value for money.

For more info about HRMS, you can check HRMLABS and decide how it suits your HR needs. Contact our team for a free demo.

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