7 HR Essential Processes Any Company Should Automate

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Every company, no matter how big or small, has a human resources (HR) department. When so much time is spent by HR doing manual tasks like managing document and data related to employees, checking employee attendance and ensuring the proper payroll, there is a lot of potential to save time and money by automating the process.

What Is HR Automation?

HR automation is process to improve the efficiency of HR department by freeing from tedious manual process, and let them to focus on complex task like decision making and strategizing. With HR automation, the information will be just a click away when a company needs it. What’s more, HR automation can ensure the requisite security and privacy controls are in place to safeguard sensitive information and support corporate governance and regulatory compliance requirements.

Why HR Automation?

When you automates human resources, it will reduce the manual intervention, so company can save a lot of time and money. Handling payroll is a good example of how HR automation streamlines processes to be more efficient. Traditionally, payroll will spend hours or days to be done. Validating employee attendance to get the correct salary and bonuses amount, then calculating employee tax, this is too complicated and wasted time! With automation, HR staff can complete a couple of simple steps in order to complete the process. This can help them to focus their efforts on other beneficial duties to help company grow stronger.

What Should You Automate?

Digitising and automating HR process is not just about payroll and attendance. There are many more HR process that you can and should digitise and automate.
1. Payroll Management
A digital system which automate payroll calculation will make the process much more easier and faster. Moreover, it can automate the tax calculation and enables payslip release with several clicks. It reduces or even eliminate the unnecessary time wasted on miscalculation and human errors
2. Time Attendance
Record employee attendance with HR system so that employer can access and see the attendance record much easier. It also enables timekeeping system where company can control the working hours. A Time Attendance system will also allow you manage employee schedule with ease.
3. Leave Management
It often takes a long time to apply for leave and get approval from the manager. Technology has a new way for leave request which allows employee to see the number of days available for leave, apply for leave electronically, and manager can quickly give approval. We don’t need any papers!
4. Employee Management
We manage and store your employee data in a cloud system which is easy to be accessed and updated by the company. An HR System allows self-service so that employee can fill and update his/her own personal data, access leave balance, attendance, and payslip.

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5. Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisal helps manager to frame the right training for employees’development, it also serves as a motivation tool for the better job and improvedperformance. If usually companies do assessment by paper and pen, they now can do it electronically that be more convenient for the employee and employers.
6. Inventory Management
Inventory Management system to help companies to manage company inventory such as uniforms and equipment that are assigned to your employees. Inventory management will record the list of uniform, cap, and otheritems, and show how many items are available to be used by employees and also show the inventory shortage.
7. Training Management
Training management automates the process to record employees’ job, skill, and training details (i.e. date, time, provider, training course). Digitise your training management will save your time to remind employees for training as they will get the notification and you can see who applied for the training

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