Huge Benefits of Employee Self-Service

benefits of employee self service

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The human resources manager constantly faces challenges to improve efficiency and provide better employee services. Since HR departments are mostly overloaded with the responsibilities, an effective ways to reduce the burden is to introduce a self-service system to employees, where they can carry out a number of activities themselves and let HR staff to focus on more strategic issues that have an impact on the business line.

By transforming to the cloud based HR System that offer employee self-service, entire organisation will benefits with direct access to critical information such as employee details, payment information, and leave balance, so will help to retain the quality talent by providing an effective management.

Here are some benefits of Employee Self-Service that’s maybe it’s time you started looking at.

Benefits for employees

  1. Employee in charge of their own data
    With an employee self-service system, employees are given responsibility of their data. They can enter or modify their data without HR involvement. It provide employee with an interface to view day-to-day information such as their leave balance, attendance, payment, and performance appraisals.
  2. Easier to request for leave
    Time off is important. Nobody wants to work 24/7, 365 days a year. An Employee self-service features enables employees to plan their time off in advance and have the information of their time off balance.
    It’s will helps to speed up the time off request processes. Just in several clicks away, they can submit request and receive approval faster.
  3. Happiness
    Employees wants to know that they are being rewarded for their effort they put it in. Making it easy by allowing them to check their entitlements, look back at old payslips or find out about their bonuses are the best way to provide them a historical record of how they are progressing in their career.

Benefits for employers
An employee self-service not only designed to relieve a bit pressure on your HR department. But furthermore it will bring more benefits to the business.

  1. Cut costs and time spent
    The administrative cost of processing leave or print out the payslips should not be underestimated. Furthermore it will take a lot of time to finish. By replacing paper document to online information, you are not only saving financially but also reduce the time spent on manual process.
  2. Reduce errors
    Because an employee self-service is hosted centrally, HR only needs to make an announcement once for it to be updated across the organisation. It will helps to remove the risk of errors being made over personal details too, such as names and address. Because when the employees enter their personal data, they will be more carefully rather than HR department.
  3. Improve efficiency
    Deep impact of the transformation to employee self-service system is a more streamlined HR function across your organisation. Employees can request time off, record working hours, and review the result of appraisals by themselves. As a result they no longer to submit paper forms, send emails to various people, or chase information down in person.

A Summary:

Employee self-service system can improve workplace efficiency, cut administration time and cost and ensure that data is kept up to date. Not only make employees feel more trusted and responsible on their data but also increase the productivity that will reap fruitful result for your business.

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