Performance Appraisal and Training Management

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Employees are the major asset for company. They play an active role and have an impact towards company’s achievement. As the result, providing the right training for this valuable asset is considered important. The right and effective training can help employees to maximize their job performances and face the challenge in today’s business climate.

A hand in hand with training, company also need performance appraisal. A performance appraisal is a method to evaluate employees’ performance to understand the abilities for further growth and development of the employee. The purpose of performance appraisal includes giving feedback to employee’s performance, identifying employee strength and weakness, determining benefit and wage structure for employee, and evaluating goal achievement. It also helps manager to identify individual training needs, frame the right training for employees’ development and plan on compensation or promotion.

Usually, performance appraisal is done by doing assessment, like a questionnaire, about the work and employee performance. For more effective result, it shouldn’t be done only in yearly basis. It can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The Problem with Paper-based HR

In our previous article about achieving an effective performance appraisal, we mentioned that the most stressful part of performance appraisal is the document management. How to get the employees to fill the forms, remind them, and store the assessment records.

The problem about training record in the paper-based process is not different with what exist in performance appraisal. It’s still the troublesome process of having to store and track data in papers. In addition, mostly we record the data in spreadsheets that will only get longer every time we add more data in it.

When it comes to oversee skill assessment and training needs, managing the effort with spreadsheets and paper files just doesn’t cut it. Imagine working on your spreadsheets managing the training dates, who done the training, who haven’t taken it and updating over and over. The process of only documenting the training may take a lot of time. Instead of doing that, company can do a more value-added task on developing the employees.

HR System as The Solution

Company would need a system which simplified the process by automating the training record of the employee and at the same time can handle performance appraisal. So that all of employees’ records are stored in one accessible place in the internet, or we call it in the cloud. If you wonder how to do that, we have the answer here. An HR system is the solution for this matter.

The automated performance appraisal system lets you create online assessment, for the needed time basis. Be it weekly, monthly, or quarterly, the assessment can be done continuously without the hassle of working with piles of paper. Some of HR systems might provide training management, in separated module, which lets you to take records of the training done by employees and the ones that will be attended by employees.

When all of the employees finish the assessment, company can use the recorded data to assign the right training for those who need training or to develop their skills. All of those can be done in one system without the interference of papers. Furthermore, the data are all safe in the cloud system which can be accessed anytime you need it. Plus, with the system coming hand in hand, it will be easier to manage.

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