Year-End Holiday Ideas in Singapore

holiday ideas in singapore

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We’re finally at the end of the year again! Instead of feeling bad about the Covid-19 situation, you can make the best of your year-end holiday at home or discover the new places with your friends or family. We have gathered some holiday ideas in Singapore for you to spend some time alone or with your beloved ones.


Staycation is still one of the best ideas for you holiday. You can do it by yourself or with your friends or family. Try to search for a hotel that you always want to stay at or unique hotel that offer experience such as spa session. You deserve a break and just enjoy your time. Away from responsibilities for a while is good for you.

Visit Jewel Canopy Park

Have you heard of Canopy Park in Changi Airport? You can visit this place to prance around the wide expanse of the interlinked rope canopy. Also, you can try the Discovery Slides and wander around the Petal Gardens and Topiary Walk for fun.

Stay home and Watch Movies

For you who is too lazy to wandering around town and looking for a low budget to spend your year-end holiday, you can just simply stay at home and binge watch series or movies. Also, you can spice up your binge watch with your favorite beverage and snacks. Try hot cocoa and banana cake that you can make by yourself. Invite your friends to chill with you.

Bungee Jump

If you are looking for holiday ideas in Singapore that will boost up your adrenaline, you can try bungee jump in Sentosa Island. If you do not want to try the bungee jump, you can also relax at the Skywalk 50 metres above the ground and enjoy the view.

Order a Feast

Another holiday ideas in Singapore is order a splendid meal for yourself or your family. Even, you can enjoy a meal while chilling with your friends watching your favorite series together. You can try a food you have never been try before or that one bakery cake that recommended by your friend.


Workout from home is very popular this year. You can follow a Youtube video tutorial for workout from home. As it is important to stay healthy and keep your wellness. If you don’t want to exercise at home, try hike on one of Singapore’s most scenic nature trails. Ask your friends or family to join you so it will be more fun.

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