What is Attendance System?

Attendance system helps your company to track your employees working hours and managing employees’ attendance to help minimize loss due to productivity and employee absence. Specifically, this system used to record the time your employees start working and the time they finish working.

This system defines when employees are supposed to come for work, especially for employees who work with schedules. Attendance system can be done by recording employees’ hours using various ways such as QR code, punching time cards, or spreadsheet.

Why is Attendance System Important?

One of the most important reasons to have an attendance system in your company is to comply with the Employment Act. There is some compliance on employees attendance that the company should follow, such as:

The Employment Act also deems that employees cannot work for more than 6 hours without a break. Inclusive of overtime work, employees cannot work more than 12 hours per day except under certain circumstances. But, an employer can ask the employees to work more than 12 hours a day, in case of:

In addition, employees can only work up to 72 hours of overtime in a month.

With attendance system, you can calculate the employees working hours accurately. This is especially beneficial if you have employees that work on an hourly basis and schedule basis. Some systems can remind you if an employee’s overtime hours more than 72 hours per month. This will help your company to comply with government regulations and to avoid penalty fees that your company might get.

Tracking employees working time also will show if employees are punctual or if there are any employees that absent from work. The attendance system will keep the attendance data of employees and you can see the data every time you need it. Some online attendance system store the data in a cloud system so whenever and wherever you need the data, you can see it.

Also, attendance system can track how many leave days available for employees and how many leave days employees use already.

Benefits of Attendance System

Your company should start investing in attendance system. Beside the reasons above, there are some benefits of attendance system, such as:

You can get an attendance management on HRMLabs. We help companies to monitor employees’ attendance, work pattern, and overtime hours. HRMLabs also can sync attendance to payroll with the time attendance system based on government law.

HRMLabs reduces time and cost spent on attendance tracking. Our proprietary solution enables onsite check-in/out with GPS tracking, manage employee schedules, track overtime, and more.

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