PLRD Grading – Get Higher Grade by Using HRMLabs for Security Agency

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What’s up Security Agency! Last year PLRD grading is already done and active, how about your grading result? We hope your company gets a better grade result. 

Having many clients is good for your business but PLRD grading is also one of the necessary things needed by all security agencies in Singapore. In order to be the top security agency, you need to be trusted by your client first. The Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) audits security agencies annually, this compulsory assessment grades the agencies’ operational capabilities and the training put in place for their officers. 
The result of the grading may be various from good to bad. A good high grade will definitely make your current clients trust you more, and potential clients will also come to you because they know your reputation. On the other side, you should be alert too because those that are repeatedly getting a really bad grade can have their licenses revoked. 

Last year, the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD), together with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), had conducted the Security Agencies Grading Exercise (SAGE) from June to December 2019, and 235 security agencies had participated in this annual exercise.
PLRD had worked with the security industry stakeholders to co-create the assessment criteria with a focus on the following key thrusts:

  1. Greater emphasis on systems and technology;
  2. Shift from output to outcome-based criteria; and
  3. Adoption of technology to enable job re-design for higher productivity.

A grade is awarded to each security agency at the end of the assessment. The breakdown of grades awarded for SAGE 2019 is as follow

Imagine having a C or D grade, and that grade would have to be displayed at your company guard posts, definitely bad publicity. Moreover, getting a bad grade could also put off some potential clients. Now, the problem is how exactly to get a higher grading? As a Security Agency, you will need so much cost to doing training and also getting a system to make your grade better. 

Worry no more! HRMLabs is your solution here, you could get higher grading just by using a Human Resource Management Software. Our attendance system covers your need for Overtime Exemption (OTE) based on MOM. Whereas our payment management ensures timely and accurate payment for your employees and the system enables to generate itemized payslip that is accessible for your employees. You could use other beneficial features to improve your security service as well. Don’t miss your changes to get a better grading this year!

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