Electronic Attendance Helps Security Agencies on PLRD Grading

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PLRD Grading

The 2019 PLRD Grading was just end and the result already out, but, are you ready for 2020 PLRD Grading? How is your grade? Is it meet your expectation? If it hasn’t meet your expectation, don’t worry! You still can join this year grading.

One point of PLRD grading is that at least 25% of deployment sites have real time electronic attendance taking system. If your agency can provide the evidence of this, you can get 5 points. Easy right? But what kind of electronic attendance taking system that can easily used by security officers that deployed in various sites?

But first, why it has to be an electronic attendance taking system in the first place? First, by using an electronic attendance taking system, security agencies can record accurate and reliable information regarding security officers work schedule. Second, it make supervision more manageable and centralized. Beside, using an electronic attendance taking system will make security agencies more efficient and cut down job costing.

Ways to Take Attendance

What is the example of electronic attendance taking system? There are a lot of ways to take attendance, but the most common ways are

1.Card Swipe
By using swipe card which is compatible with magnetic card reader, security officers can swipe in and out of work. This method can save time as administrator can automatically build time sheet to check punctuality. However, security officers may cheat on this method. They can swipe in for their co-worker without direct verification.

The fingerprint method is basically biometric way of taking attendance. Security officers can scan their fingerprint on the terminal. The terminal will verify the identity of the user and then record it as a computer algorithm. This method is pretty comfortable for usual office because they only work in one place. But for security agencies, imagine you have 50 different sites and you have to install fingerprint terminal in all sites. How much money you will spend in installing fingerprint terminal and its maintenance?

3. Scan QR Code
The newest way of attendance taking system involve scanning QR code and taking photo of your security officers when they check-in/out of work. This is like the future of tracking employees attendance. You can ask your security officers to install attendance software in their mobile phone. Compared to the old ways, the new ways are more time saving, simpler, and efficient.

HRMLabs Attendance System

Our HRMLabs can accommodate your needs to a simpler and cost-less attendance taking system. With HRMLabs, your security officers can use HRMLabs mobile application to check in and out from their deployed sites. Security agencies can put a QR code on each of their security officers deployed sites. It is easier for security agencies in Singapore to track their security officers attendance because the data will be automatically recorded and generated as attendance report.

Have any question regarding HRMLabs attendance taking system? Contact us here.

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