How to Hire Great Employees in Singapore

How to hire great employees in singapore

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For entrepreneurs, working with a team that understands what are the business vision and goals is extremely important to keep business on the market. This is true whether you are a solo entrepreneur, startup founder, or company owner. Having people who can help in the success of the company is totally essential. This is why you have to hire great employees.

The process of starting a business in Singapore is considered the easiest in the world. However, thriving amidst cut-throat competition is a different story. After setting up a business in Singapore, the next step to do is to hire great employees. In Singapore, there are certain legal protocols that both employers and employees need to adhere to such as Singapore Employment Act which is applicable to both local and foreign employees. Also Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA) for work pass employees.

You might consider these things before you decided to hire great employees in Singapore.

  • Are the employees on a temporary, full time, contract, or part-time basis?
  • What are the labor laws that are applicable to the employees?
  • Are there any additional visa requirements for foreign employees?
  • What are the additional levies, charges, or employer contributions to an approved fund such as the CPF?
  • Who is responsible for tax compliance when there are foreign employees?
  • What are the requirements for terminating an employment contract?

Recruitment Guidelines

Singapore’s demographic consists of a diverse mix of individuals in terms of ethnicity, age, and gender that is why employers are strongly advised to adopt non-discriminatory and fair HR practices. Especially in the recruitment process to hire great employees for your company in Singapore. Ministry of Manpower has issued certain guidelines on fair employment practices. Here is the summary:

  • Employers are advised to follow a system of meritocracy while selecting and recruiting candidates for employment.
  • Skills, experience, and ability to perform the job should take precedence over age, race, gender, religion, family status, or disability.
  • Selection criteria should be related to job requirements and must be made known to all job applicants and reviewed regularly to ensure relevancy.
  • Job advertisements should avoid listing attributes such as age, gender, marital status, race, religion, and language unless it is duly justifiable.
  • Job application forms should only ask for information relevant to assessing an applicant’s suitability for a job. If personal data is required, it is important to state that it is for administrative purposes only.
  • Job interviews and tests should be confined to questions that are relevant to the job requirements.

Where Can You Hire Great Employees in Singapore?

Employment Agencies/Recruitment Firms

Most medium to big sized firms prefer to partner with headhunters for hiring the right candidate. This approach is convenient as it takes less time and effort. It is important that you check each agency’s rate (usually the candidate’s salary) and policy before finalizing one.

Newspaper Advertisements

Classified advertisements in The Straits Times (local publication with the highest circulation) are popular amongst both recruiters and job seekers. It is important to consider the advertisement rates and your target audience before you place your advertisement.

Internet Websites

There are some popular job websites where you can post your requirements for a fee. These websites are popular for regional positions and mainly cater to the Singapore market.

Job/Career Fairs

Job fairs are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore attracting more than 400,000 job seekers per year. This avenue provides employers access to several potential candidates and the opportunity to conduct on-the-spot interviews. This is a suitable option for those seeking to hire great talent for skill-based jobs.

Campus Recruitment

Most of the Universities and Polytechnics in Singapore allow employers interested in hiring graduates/post-graduates to conduct campus interviews and recruitment talks.

Good luck with hiring great employees in Singapore!

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