Are You a Great HR Manager?

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Human Resource Department is one of the most common divisions in a company. HR department is known as a division that directly deals with and manages human resources or employees in the company from recruitment to retirement. HR department also has its own manager. How can one become a great HR manager?

A great HR manager must not only have to be able to guide HR staff, but also must be able to create a good work environment for all the employees. The main task of an HR manager is to ensure that his department is able to maximize the capabilities of the HR under his guidance.

So, HR manager task is not only concerned with HR planning and recruitment but also covers all activities related to HR operations in a company. Guiding employees to carry out the plan that has been made, implement it and final assessment or evaluation of HR performance is the role of HR manager in business improvement.

What Are The Criteria of a Great HR Manager?

The first one is that they are able to maximize the company’s HR operations. HR managers also need to understand the whole aspects of HR. They have to understand how to recruit the best talent for the company. The most important thing is that they have to understand the labor law.

Besides, they must have good communication skills. So when some problems occur related to labor law, they can solve the problem. This skill also important so that they can get along well and communicate well with the employees and HR staff.

The second one is that they must have knowledge related to job descriptions and how to categorize jobs. They must support diversity in the workforce in terms of gender, ethnicity, race, etc. They must encourage the fair employment practice in the company.

The third one is having excellent leadership skills. But how does someone become a good leader? Basically, they must be able to organize, keep the teamwork alive, have excellent plans and strategies for HR department, and have the ability to solve HR problems.

So, are you a great HR manager?

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