How Technology Impact HR Practices

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Hiring and recruiting, training and development, employee benefit, employee relations, handling payroll and compensation, scheduling work, manage attendance, legal responsibilities are some of HR functions and responsibilities. Back then, paper-based process take care of those works and those files would be stored in a file cabinet. In terms of scheduling and taking attendance, well, maybe HR person would calculate working schedule and attendance manually or had to deal with an overwhelming long spreadsheet.

With the revolution of technology, change in the way we work and live is become inevitable. Including in the process of HR.

Technology change the way HR recruiting employee, contacting employee, storing files, and even analyzing employee performance. If we can use it well, technology can improve HR efficiency and maximize the benefit. Use it poorly, then it can get in the way to manage human resource.

Transform the Recruitment Process

With the old ways, candidate would come to the company to apply for job. The information was often missed between the job seeker and employer. This mismatched information result in unemployment and the position that won’t filled for some time. The way of recruiting often use phone or face to face.

With technology and internet, job seeker can apply job via online platform or via email. They don’t need to come directly for the recruitment. From HR side, it frees up a lot of time as companies only need to post online and reduce HR time on dealing with paper resume and personal calls.

Ease of Communication

It is no longer a hassle to stay in touch with the employees in the company. Because email and messaging apps enable HR to share information to employees quickly. For example, when they need to share the new working schedule or assign new training for employees. Moreover, with the emergence of HR system which centralize and automate all HR processes, employees can see their own schedule, attendance, payslip, and even training they are assigned to.

HR doesn’t need to inform each person one by one or even chase each person to do certain thing related to HR.

Performance Assessment

Usually, it takes time and effort to do performance assessment. Technology makes it easier to gather and break down data on employees to get an overall picture of their performance.

Moreover, HR automation enables employees to assess their own performance. So that it would be less awkward for the managers and HR to do performance appraisal.

Managing Data

There is so much data and HR makes more use of data collection and analysis. They record every employee’s data, the record of work-related data such as attendance, payroll, leave balance, and training. When we are using paper-based process, imagine how much papers involved to record the data. How would we manage those papers and how we keep track of these record?

Technology changes the complicated to simple one. In HR system which uses cloud storage (electronic storage) doesn’t require you to record every data on papers. It is safely kept in the storage which is accessible for those who have permission. Thus, will ease HR staff on managing so much data on their side.

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