How a Good HR Software Helps Your HR Department

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As we’re talking about the must-have features of HR software here, you might began to asking, why is HR software so important for my company?

Typically, HR dealing with employees, whether it is leave, scheduling, employees data or checking attendance. HR also dealing with payroll of all employees and keeping up with the newest labor law. With all of these tasks, there is not much time to do hiring or developing strategies for training employees.

HR staff’s time and energy are valuable. So, they shouldn’t have spent most of their day on administrative or routine tasks. You need to consider a change in HR department if you are still working with paper in employee administrative work. Or simply change it by using a specialised HR software. When the work is not centralised and not in sync, it is still complicated for HR to save more time while get things done.

In every company, there will be a point that during growth, it can no longer manage employees data and HR processes without using specialist HR software. HR software enables company to carry out HR processes with a more efficient way. So that HR staff can focus on other daily tasks. Nowadays, HR systems are available in the cloud and can be accessed securely by employees via the internet. This has drastically reduced the barriers to adoption. However, many companies still manage their workforce with spreadsheets, documents and post-it notes.

So what exactly are the benefits of using an HR software to help manage your employees?

End-to-end workforce management

With a good HR system in place, you can forget about confusing spreadsheets and email miscommunication. The system brings all HR-related operations under a single roof. Which means you can assign tasks, follow up progress, or even reward participants from a single, cost-effective solution.

Payroll management

HR management at the same time also do accounting and expense management machines. Where you can govern the benefits of your employees, deduct leaves and confirm tax compliance. Instead of delivering such sensitive tasks to an expensive third-party provider, you can now complete them yourself from a system that has full insight of your data.

Efficiency of Administration

If you’ve got more than a few dozen people working for you it can become an administrative nightmare. Because you keeping track of basic employee information if you rely solely on a paper-based system. Simple questions such as ‘How much holiday have I taken?’ and ‘Can I have a copy of my last 3 payslips?’ become extremely time consuming.
This leads to reduced cost.

Reduced Cost

Aside from the less tangible costs such as efficiency or productivity, a good HR system will save you real money. A typical benchmark for the number of HR staff working for a company is 1 HR professional per 100 employees. With some software solutions this ratio is approximately 1 HR professional per 140 employees. Meaning a company of 280 employees requires one less member of staff simply to manage their workforce data, resulting in reduced labor cost annually.

Improved Communication

Most HR systems will include an employee directory. While employees tend to work with the same people, therefore, have their contact information. Often times their job requires reaching out to colleagues outside of their immediate department. If all this contact information is stored in a filing cabinet it slows down communication massively.HR systems that provide access through mobile browsers or dedicated apps are particularly useful for employees who spend a lot of time on the road.

Benefits of HR software

HRMLabs as an HR solution

With self-service portal, automated payroll processing, easy attendance check-in/out and leave request, and central database, will help you to reduce the time spent on labour-intensive task and transform your HR department to be more effective and efficient.

Also, using HRMLabs Leave Management, employers and managers can give approval as easy as one click away. Our system will automatically present you whether employees request are still eligible based on their leave balance. So, you don’t have to check them by yourself. In addition, in case you have so many leave requests from your employees, HRMLabs system lets you do a multiple approval. Isn’t that awesome?

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