What HR Lesson We Get From Pandemic

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Covid-19 pandemic has brought us to VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) phase. We learn a lot from the pandemic. Especially HR department that get a lot of lesson from the pandemic. Work that usually only can be done from the office actually can be done remotely too. HR department holds a very important role in managing how employees can still work to their best even if they work remotely.

There are a lot of HR lesson we get from the pandemic, such as

Adaptation to Technology

In the pandemic, HR department does not only carry out their routine work or business as usual. Lesson HR department get from the pandemic is that HR must be able to adapt in the midst of crisis conditions. This is because the role of HR is very vital in making companies survive and preventing employee layoffs.

HR department should adapt to the new technologies that can help both company and employees to survive. These technologies may be online meeting tools, a new way to take attendance, or software that help HR operations.

Work From Home Option

Another lesson HR department gets from the pandemic is that they should advise the company on work from home option. The pandemic taught us that work can be done remotely from employees’ own home. It might sound like a lot of hassle because HR needs to ensure there is no communication error between employees. But HR can use online platforms to ensure the communication channel runs smoothly such as using Slack, Telegram, or Zoom. HR department also needs to regularly check with the team whether they experience difficulties in communicating or not.

HRMS System

Because the employees are working separately from their own home, HR department need a system that can help them to do their operations online. HR department needs HRMS system to help them. With HRMS system, employees can do self-serve such as leave request or edit their personal data.

HR department also needs online software to calculate employees’ payroll monthly and issue payslip digitally. HRMLabs can help to calculate employees’ payroll automatically so HR staff doesn’t need to do it manually. HRMLabs payroll feature also can be integrated with attendance taking so HR department can do both payroll calculation and attendance taking in one platform.

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