Take Your Annual Leave and Enjoy Year End Holiday!


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When the clock hits 00.00 on January 1, we will begin the new year of 2020! 

Yep, we are now preparing to welcome the new decade. The year end is your time to feel the festive vibe in your holiday with your loved ones, like family and friends. So, we are suggesting you to take annual leave and of course some of you may want to enjoy the new year eve without any disruption from work, don’t you?

In addition, taking annual leave have many benefits for you, such as:

  • Time for vacation

A clinical phycologist, Deborah Mulhern, shared with ABC News that people who don’t take vacations will likely lose the ability to relax. So, if you don’t want to lose your ability to relax, you better pay attention that your body and mind need to be refreshed in order to stay happy and healthy. 

  • Recharging and relieve stress

Wall Street Journal said that vacations is your time to recharging and relieves stress. By taking vacation, it is expected that you can come back to your job with recharged energy and give your best performance. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation, you can have several days off and it will be enough for you to relieve stress by doing the things you couldn’t do when you are occupied by works. 

  • Get the time to relax

Working is like a routine and sometimes we get stressed out from the same routine and work pressure. Having a time off from work is your chance to find some time to relax from a demanding and stressful job. 

  • Work-life balance

The phrase said that we have life, too.We don’t only live for work, we have our personal live that needs our attention, too. Work-life balance is a term we use to describe the balance the time allocated between working and other aspects of life such as family and one’s interest. One of the ways to balance your working life and personal life is to take some time off from work. 

  • Opportunity to reflect on your life and review your goals

After the busy days of working for your life goals, sometimes you need time to reflect how your life is going, how far you’ve come, and what you want to achieve. By taking a break away from the busy life, you can take your time thinking and reflect on your life and goals.

The Difficulty of Taking Leave

As we have been talking about holidays and benefits of taking day off, we need to make sure first that we have enough leave entitlement. Meaning how many days left for us to be able to apply for leave. At times, we have difficulty on this. We may ask the manager or HR person but they are busy with reports.

Moreover, this is the year end so that they may have many annual reports to be done and many leave requests to be reviewed. We need to wait for long before our leave request is approved by manager.

Indeed, leave management is complicated not only for managers, but also for the employees. Sometimes, an employee annual leave quota is different between their calculation and manager calculation. Then we need to recheck. It will only make things complicated.

Go Digital with Your Annual Leave 

We will soon change to year 2020, so it’s time for change!We can’t wait for spending holiday with family and friends but we face the hurdle in taking leave. It won’t happen if your company has an HR system that provides a computerised leave management.

Our HRMLabs product provides leave management feature in which employees can easily see how much is their annual leave balance and request for leave anytime anywhere with their mobile app. There will be no more waiting for leave approval from managers and wait to ask for your leave balance when they are busy with their own workload.

Recommend your manager to use our leave management system and enjoy the ease of applying leave. Click this link to get a FREE demo.

Happy New Year everyone!

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