Performance Appraisal in Singapore: 10 Methods You Should Know

Performance Appraisal in Singapore 10 Methods You Should Know

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Performance appraisal, often shortened to “performance review,” is a crucial process for any organization in Singapore. It allows you to measure employee performance, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately, help them grow and contribute more effectively. But let’s be honest, traditional performance reviews can feel like slogging through paperwork and dreaded meetings. They aren’t always engaging, and their effectiveness can be debatable.

Luckily, the world of performance appraisal is evolving! While some tried-and-true methods still hold merit, modern approaches offer innovative ways to evaluate performance and empower both employees and managers.

How performance appraisal works?

Think of it as a structured conversation between an employee and their manager (or sometimes peers) about their performance against set goals and expectations. It’s an opportunity to provide feedback, discuss development opportunities, and ultimately align individual goals with the organization’s broader objectives.

Performance appraisal is like a compass for organizations, guiding them toward growth and success.

Performance appraisal methods

Let’s dive into the 10 methods you should know, categorized into two distinct groups:

Traditional Methods

  1. Self-appraisal: While it can encourage self-reflection, this method can be prone to bias and subjectivity.
  2. Managerial appraisal: Offers valuable insights from the manager’s perspective but can be subjective and reliant on their individual experience.
  3. Peer appraisal: Provides broader perspectives but can be susceptible to peer pressure or reluctance to give honest feedback.
  4. 360-degree appraisal: Offers a comprehensive view but can be time-consuming and overwhelming to manage effectively.
  5. Management by objectives (MBO): While structured and goal-oriented, it can be inflexible and overlook intangible contributions that might be crucial in today’s dynamic business environment.

Modern Methods

  1. Continuous feedback: This method promotes constant learning and development through ongoing, real-time feedback, fostering a culture of open communication and growth.
  2. Check-ins: Regular, shorter discussions keep the manager and employee engaged, allowing for quick adjustments and support towards achieving goals.
  3. Goal setting and tracking: Collaborative goal setting empowers employees and allows for transparent monitoring of progress and improvement. Technology can further enhance this process.
  4. Self-directed learning: This method encourages employees to take ownership of their development by identifying their needs and pursuing relevant learning opportunities.
  5. Performance dashboards: Data-driven and transparent, these dashboards offer real-time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing for timely identification of areas for improvement and efficient performance tracking.

Which method works best?

While we so many options for a performance appraisal. Remember, the perfect method doesn’t exist! The ideal approach depends on your organization’s size, culture, and industry. Consider mixing elements from different methods to create a customized system that fits your Singaporean company.


Performance appraisal methods have evolved over time, reflecting changes in organizational dynamics and employee expectations. While traditional methods persist, modern approaches emphasize continuous feedback, agility, and personalized development. Organizations should choose the most suitable method based on their unique context and goals. Remember, effective performance appraisal contributes to a motivated workforce and organizational success.

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