How to be A Successful HR Manager

How to be a successful HR manager

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Human Resource Department (HRD) is one of the most common departments in every company. HR is known as a department that directly deals with and manages human resources or employees in the company from recruitment to retirement. Because it is directly related to humans, usually HR is filled by those who come from a psychological education background.

Like other departments, HR also has its own manager. The HR manager must have skills that will help both employer and employees to perform at their best. They not only have to be able to guide staff of their department to work well, but also must be able to create a conducive work environment for all employees.

In achieving this, the HR manager should understand their duties well. Some of their duties include:

  • Managing and developing HR systems in the company
  • Become a liaison between management and employees
  • Responsible for attendance and payroll
  • Establish the best format of recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Evaluating employee satisfaction level
  • Planning employee training and evaluating it
  • Managing and controlling HR budget
  • Responsible for the employee performance appraisal process

But how to be a successful HR manager? What skills does someone need to become one?

Listen Well

A good HR manager is someone who listens well to what employees need to say, but only a few are doing this. If you don’t know how to do this, try taking a training session or practicing with friends and family while listening to their stories.

This method will allow you to see employee problems that may not have been addressed before.


To become a reliable HR Manager, you must have good multitasking skills. The HR department does not only have one type of job, for example, the employee recruitment process, arranging interview schedules, preparing tests for prospective employees, preparing training for employees, and other tasks simultaneously. Therefore, multitasking ability is very important to have for the HR managers.


Many people are better in communicate using their body language and expressions than they are with words. Pay attention to employee body language or non-verbal gestures.

For example, how they interacted with other people, who was the first to speak, who was grimacing, who turned their eyes, how far away they were when communicating, and others. Try to be more sensitive and observe your surroundings.

Conflict Management

A good HR manager must have skills in conflict management and problem-solving to help solve conflicts or problems that occur in the company. An HR manager must have the ability to find win-win solutions wisely without taking sides.


Many HR managers choose to be friends and not being leaders. However, it is best if you perform these roles in different circumstances. An HR manager must have common sense, innovation, and a sense of humanity. You have to act like any other employee and be sociable.

The HR manager also should be able to be fair, wise, and able to keep secrets. They should act professionally at work by not mixing up work and personal matters.

Good luck!