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HR department sometimes is the most overworked and understaffed department in a company. Imagine 5 staff that have to handle the whole HR operations in a company that has more than 100 employees. They need to deal with a lot of documents and ensure that both employees and company are satisfied with each other. To help with their works, the HR department needs to automate their HR processes and avoid doing manual works. According to, “most HR processes can now be automated.” It’s time to stop accepting HR as a department that is full of manual processes, mind-numbing repetition, piles of paperwork, and other stressors, and starts enjoying the benefits of HR automation.

When the HR department automates their tasks, the process of HR operations such as workflows, payroll calculation, claim, leave, and attendance will be more efficient. Also, automating HR tasks will reduce human error that might occur when they do their tasks manually. When the HR department becomes more efficient and automate, it will save time and money. In addition, the HR department can focus more on strategic initiatives.

So, what are the HR tasks that you need to avoid doing manually and start HR automation?

1. Time and Attendance Record

The first task that needs to be on the list of HR automation is time and attendance record. Because managing it in a company often requires time-consuming calculations, knowledge of employment law, documentation, paperwork, and approval management. This lead to human error in managing time and attendance records. With HR automation of this process, it will eliminate human error and make the process more manageable. In addition, it can help the HR department to implement necessary organizational changes that might affect business profitability.

2. Leave Request

Leave management often can be problematic when the HR department does this manually. Why? Because when an employee request leaves, HR staff must check the leave balance, get a manager’s approval, and record the leave for payroll calculation as well. With HR automation, all of these processes can be done automatically. Employees can request leave by self-serve from their own accounts. The manager in charge can either accept or reject the request easily from their account. Finally, the record will be saved automatically.

3. Payment

Managing employee payments such as employee payroll, claims, and benefits can be pretty hard for the HR department. If done manually, they need to calculate each employee’s payroll, claim, benefits, and overtime. If the company has a small number of employees, payment management may seem like an easy process. But what about the human error that might happen? Also, if the company has a large number of employees, how much time and resources needed to calculate employee payment every month? If the process takes a long time, it might lead to a late payment that can affect employee’s morale and satisfaction. By doing HR automation on the payment management, payment management will be easier. HR staff only need to make sure that the payment is correct because the HR software already calculates employees’ payment for them.

4. Performance Appraisal

A lot of company still questioning why the performance appraisal is important and why they have to do this. There are some benefits that a company can get if they do performance appraisal regularly. If the company still does this process manually, it will consume a lot of time. Summing up a whole year’s work while holding employees accountable for goals they may forget and figuring out how to discussing pay raises. Not to mention collate the results of performance appraisal. It can take months and too much paper works. By automating the performance appraisal process, the HR department can adjust objectives and when to do it. Also, if done automatically and digitally, it will help reduce paper usage on the company that will lead to saving money.

5. Employee Data

When your company is still a small company, keeping employee data in a print-out document is okay. But, when your company starts to grow, this task becomes more difficult to handle. Not to mention the risks of keeping the documents in the hard file. The document can be lost and damaged. Also, when an employee needs to change their data, they need to go to the HR department to ask HR staff to change their data. This can take too much time. With HR automation, the HR department can record employee data digitally. Thus, minimize the risk of data loss or damage. The employee also can do self-serve in case they need to change their data.

To help your company do HR automation, you need to find software that can automate HR department tasks. HRMLabs can help you with this!

HRMLabs provides features that can help your company automate HR processes. Our payroll feature will help the HR department to calculate employees’ payroll. HR staff can record employees’ attendance and schedule easily with our time attendance feature. With HRMLabs leave feature, employees can request leave easily with their smartphone using our mobile apps. Also, on HRMLabs performance appraisal feature, the HR department can set goals and custom questions for the employees. Lastly, the HR department can record employee data digitally. This will minimize the risk of the data getting lost.

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