Preferred Healthcare Providers

Preferred healthcare provider is A provider who has a contract with your health insurer or plan to provide services to you at a discount.
In Singapore, preferred healthcare provider panels are typically formed through the use of Third-party administrators (TPAs.) The Health Insurance Task Force (HITF) noted recent concerns and feedback raised by the medical community and the media regarding TPAs, specifically certain fee arrangements between TPAs and general practitioners or specialists. In appointing preferred healthcare providers, TPAs, and intermediaries, the HITF recommends that insurers should consider whether their fee arrangements are in line with Singapore Medical Council’s (SMC) Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines (ECEG) so as to safeguard the interests of policyholders.
As per SMC’s ECEG, medical professionals should not pay fees to TPAs unless (1) services were rendered to the doctor by the TPA; (2) the fees were based on the services rendered; and (3) the fees were not primarily based on the services provided by the doctor or the fees collected by the doctor.