Absenteeism Policy

Absenteeism policy is a set of guidelines and procedures with the purpose of reducing the number of work days employees miss. Employee attendance policy and procedure may outline the acceptable reasons why an employee might miss work, such as illness, injury, or scheduled time off, as well as any disciplinary action that might be taken for excessive absenteeism or tardiness. Because missed days of work cut down on employee productivity, an excessive absenteeism policy is financially beneficial to any company.
Absenteeism policy means anything regarding employee attendance policy and procedure or tardiness policy at work. Any workplace policy that outlines paid time off, vacation days, sick days, parental or other leave, etc., is considered absenteeism policy. In addition, absenteeism policy includes guidelines for procedures if an employee misses too many days of work beyond what is allowed. The best attendance policy will encourage employees to reduce the number of days they miss work while still being fair and accounting for the reality of sickness, vacations, doctor appointments, and more.