How Automation Technology Boost Your Productivity

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Managing security officer is complicated task. Start from hiring new guard, arrange the proper schedule, conducting training, and ensuring an accurate employees payroll. You have less time to focus on developing your business.

But, you can change this situation by transforming to HR Digital. This transformation process is more than implementing a platform and technology to automate human resources management. By going automation, it provides new ways in HR task, such as employee scheduling, manage the employee attendance, tracking of e-training, and payroll automation.


Scheduling is about how to manage the guards’ activities properly. Scheduling also one of the most time-consuming responsibilities any security management has. From counting guards who take leave requests, and ensuring that guards are assigned to the right shift to avoid the overtime.

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Fortunately, in today’s digital world there is an HR automation technologies which greatly facilitates the scheduling process. Scheduling system allow security manager to manage the guards effectively and as easily as one click away. The working hours can even appear automatically in calendar schedule and give you alert when someone exceed the overtime work balance.

Attendance and Time Tracking

It will be hard to ensure that guards have arrived on time on their site location without the automation technology. However, with automation technology it will be easier to track the time attendance. Mobile attendance enables guards to do check in on their site location without worrying about the fake location.

This way, it will make security manager task much easier. You can track your guards anytime and anywhere. Then, you can deliver good service to your clients and scale your business more.


Automation technology will help you to solve the complex payroll calculation such as scheduling and reporting data including information related to time off requests, sick leave days, and work on rest day. With integration to the employee schedule, security manager doesn’t have to calculate payroll manually. So, it can reduce the possibility of miscalculated payroll and company can pay the correct amount of employee salary on time. 

An automation technology also help you to do the tax payment easily with the updated regulatory requirements. System will automatically deduct payment with the correct amount of tax and allow you to send the mandatory tax document easily.

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