How Adopting Cloud Technology Can Make HR More Efficient

how adopting cloud technology can make hr more efficient

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Cloud technology has redefined the way we store and share information. With cloud technology, we are not bound to physical data or devices to share information anymore. In the case of companies, even if they have a lot of branches or offices, they can still send information or store data that can be seen by anyone who has access to it. The data can be stored in a cloud server so even without any physical data, so the HR department in HQ can see the data of employees from the branch office.

What is cloud technology?

The cloud is a virtual space that exists on the internet. This space can be used for storing digital resources such as software, applications, and files without having to worry about local storage. This technology offers faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Because the cloud doesn’t need a physical device to store digital resources, anyone from anywhere can access them. For example, the HR department in HQ office can see the attendance record of employees in the branch office if they use the cloud attendance system.

What are the benefits of cloud technology?

Low cost

With cloud technology, the company doesn’t need to buy hardware and software and setting up the system. Besides, the company doesn’t need physical servers that need electricity, a cooling system, and IT experts for managing it. This will save a pretty good amount of money.

Collaboration with remote users

If your company has branches all over the country, cloud technology can help you to collaborate with the employees on the branch offices. If people in the HQ office need some data or documents from the branch office, they don’t need to send the document physically. With cloud technology, they can send it digitally and this process will take short time to finish. Making the employees don’t need to wait for days for the document to arrive.

More Secure

Cloud technology uses a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls that can ensure the security of your data, apps, infrastructure from potential threats. Also, if a disaster happens, cloud technology can do data backup and recovery in a more cost-effective and hassle-free way.

Cloud Technology for HR Department

The HR department played a crucial task in maintaining human resources in a company. They deal with a lot of administrative tasks such as attendance records, leave requests, inventory assignments for employees, schedule, and reporting. If all of their time is used for these administrative tasks when they can do more strategic tasks?

With cloud technology, the HR department can work in a more efficient and faster way. For example, with a cloud attendance system, HR staff don’t need to manually check every employee attendance record. Just to see that every one of them is not late and comes according to the schedule.

In addition, if the HR department uses a cloud payroll system, they will save time to generate employees’ payroll every month. Using a cloud payroll system also minimize human error that might happen if payroll still be calculated manually. This system also can help the company to comply with government regulations such as itemized payslip.

HRMLabs as a cloud-based human resource software can help the HR department to digitize their processes. Employees can take attendance using QR code or kiosk for faster and centralized data. Our payroll system will help the HR department to calculate employee payroll without error. Also, we help the company to issue itemized payslip for each employee. Moreover, employees can request leave using their own mobile phone. So, they don’t have to go to the HR department just to fill up a form to request leave.

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