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HR person knows better that salary payment is inseparable matter when we talk about human resource management. Not only because most of their lives rely on the salary but also the headache it brings to the HR person to prepare for the payment. 

It may take time to do the preparation and payment process for your employees when the payday has come. From input all employees’ payment data, ensuring the correct salary number, preparing files to be submitted, until submitting the files to certain bank that your company use. Moreover, when you have a big number of employee, preparing the file for the payment manually will be more complicated. 

Doing the input manually will require more of your time and is more prone to human errors. One of the payroll mistakes that might happen is having the incorrect employee details in your employee’s payroll records. Imagine you’re filling the employee data that is required by the bank in the excel spreadsheet. There’s a chance that you may fill the wrong account numbers and send salary to the wrong employee, or fill the wrong payment amount. Either way you may find that some of the data were not updated because the employee details are not updated automatically, then the payment might not be successful. 

Additionally, each bank may have different detail requirements to be added in the submitted salary data. The process may become more complex and tiring you have to input the different requirements for each bank account. You may have to redo the process again if you got the wrong requirements and it’s time consuming.

To save time when paying salary for your employees, you can use a human resource system with bank transfer feature. Using an automated hr system, your HR person doesn’t have to input employee details manually. Because bank transfer feature enables you to create a file which contains your employees’ bank account details and the amount of money to be paid into each account. You can then send this file to your company bank and let them do the salary transfer for your employee. This feature works to help companies gather all employees’ payment details for certain company bank easily and you just need to export the file from the system. The solution will provide the required data for each bank and ensure that you got the correct file requirements for each bank you’re going to submit your file to.

Furthermore, with an automated HR system employee information or details will be updated automatically for your convenience. So that you don’t need to be worry if the data is not updated. As it is the automated human resource solution, the system allows employee to update their data and also makes it easier for HR personnel to update employee data. Hence, the payment would be send to the right employee with the most updated details.

In HRMLABS, we provide a seamless human resource system that not only allows you to manage attendance, scheduling, and payroll, but also help you to simplify almost every process related to human resource. To help you prepare better for paying salary, we come up with bank transfer feature that gives you the correct details with only several clicks away. It also has been adjusted with the requirements of the bank that you entrusted your salary payment.

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