Current Trends in HR Management

current trends in hr

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During the pandemic, the future of HR management will continue to change. There are two factors that are influencing HR management include digital transformation and new ways of working. These changes are deeply influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. As technological innovation keep growing, human resource is not only about job interviews and resolving conflicts anymore. The key point shift to keeping a good relationship between employees and the company and creating a relationship that is beneficial for both parties.

So, what are the current trends in HR management?

Remote Working

In 2020, most of the government-mandated lockdowns made companies made a policy for their employees to work from home. This is a big change from the traditional work model to a more flexible and focus more on employees well being.

A lot of big companies such as Twitter and Microsoft made a decision regarding work from home option. They let their employees that don’t need to come to the office work from home forever if they want to. Microsoft said that they will emphasize giving employees the flexibility to mold their work choices to fit their lifestyle

Other big companies like Facebook, Shopify, and Slack also make a new policy by normalizing working from home for their employees.

Human Resource Technology

Another trend in HR management is a lot of HR departments use human resource technology to help their works. As work from home became more popular, human resource data should be digitalized and stored in a cloud service. Attendance data, leave balance, employee data, payroll information, and other human resource data become digitally stored.

Using human resource technology, HR staff who work from home can still access the data they need. This, without having to come to the office just to look at some data. With this, employees that are working on their own home also can easily see their data and change it if necessary. Furthermore, they can apply for leave, claim, or reimbursement from a mobile app or web.

Employee Centric

The HR department’s focus has been shifting to acknowledge more about employee wellness. Because of the fast-paced work culture and competitive race, employees’ stress levels have been on the rise. To keep their mental health intact, HR departments should make a wellness program to strengthen employees’ wellbeing. The first step could be maintaining and promoting a work-life balance.

Some activities to conduct can include healthy lunches, team building activities, site fitness classes, counseling sessions, festive celebrations, and weekly interactive video calls. Educate your employees about mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress and how to handle them.

Big companies like Chevron, Verizon Media, and TIAA give their employees access to licensed counselors, a recognition program, a daily newsletter with resources, and monthly challenges to promote mental health.

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