Contactless Attendance HRMLabs


   Features :

  • Smart Facial Recognition even with the mask on, no need to remove your mask! 

  • Automated Contactless Temperature Screening

  • Works 100% over the cloud, you don’t need to worry your data securely stored and backup

  • Real-time notification to HR Team

  • Integrated Solution – Works with Attendance Management, HR System, Payroll, and Leave System.

Save Your Money with All in One Solution HRMLabs

With HRMLabs

  Accurate Facial Recognition

Fast and accurate to recognize employees’ face in 1-second, even with the mask on

√  Auto Temperature Screening

Take temperature and alert for abnormal temperature automatically

√  Cloud Attendance Management

Recognize employees’ or visitor with the job details

√  Integrated with Leave and Payroll System 

Yes, All in One! HRMLabs synchronize your employees’ attendance with payroll system


Total Spending

$2500 $40

* Funding Support From PSG Grant

Without HRMLabs

√  Face Recognition Attendance System

Can cost more than $1,500

√  Temperature Screening System

Can cost more than $4,000

√  A Full-Time Staff Take Temperature and Manage SafeEntry Record*
*Higher chance of cross infection
Can cost more than $2,000 per month

√  System Integration and Configuration

Can cost more than $1,000


Total Spending

More than $6,500 One-Time Payment

plus $2,000 Monthly Payment


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