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Hawkeye Security Solutions Pte Ltd

“Before using HRMLabs, we still do a manual way for our payroll. It took us quite a long time to do that because we have more than 100 employees. With using HRMLabs, we can now generate payroll easily and quickly. HRMLabs also help us to automate our leave request and attendance process. With the system, we also have easy access to our data anywhere and anytime”

Detec Security Services Pte Ltd

“Manually calculate payroll with our 300+ employees are not an easy work; it took too much time. HRMLabs help us solve all of this with automatically calculate our payroll, and greatly reduce our HR administrative works each month. Our employees can also download their own payslip from their account, make it convenient for us and the employees.”

Highland Security Services and Investigation Pte Ltd

“HRMLabs system is easy to understand and use. They also have a very helpful support service that is ready to help their clients. HRMLabs payroll module greatly helps us automatically calculate payroll for our employees.”

"We love how HRMLabs system is easy to use. Before using HRMLabs system, we still use excel tabulation to do payroll and CPF calculation. We don't need to do manual calculation with excel anymore after we adopt HRMLabs software to our company"


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