A Better Way to Manage Employee Scheduling

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Employee scheduling is an important concern for every business manager. Managing employee scheduling can be time consuming when there is lack of effective scheduling process.  Often managing employee scheduling is dealing with piles of timetables, availability calendars, and employee requests that must managed manually on a large spreadsheet. Moreover, how can you monitor that your employees are showing up on time and handle on their overtime work schedule?

Scheduling whether weekly or monthly is time consuming. Swapping shifts, taking leave, medical leave, these are can be a nightmare when doing manually with the spreadsheet. It’s even more difficult if you are working with a large team or hourly workers who seem never work in the same shift twice. Overall, the wrong scheduling will have an impact on work productivity.

The problem will come when there are last-minute changes. Suddenly your employee calls in sick and you have to find someone to fill the void. After you find the replacement, you have to make sure to not going into overtime to avoid overtime cost. 

Using the right scheduling system is the best way to manage your employee scheduling effectively. HRMLabs provides solution which allow the business manager to manage the employee scheduling effectively and as easily as one click away. With the HRMLabs solution, all data is consolidated in one easy-to-use platform. So, business manager can easily manage the scheduling, swapping shifts, taking leave, and medical leave without any spreadsheet. 

Scheduling system lets you know which employee is available to work and isn’t in an overtime situation. System will track of hours in real time to avoid overtime and easily handle if there are last-minutes changes.

To ensure your employees are showing up on time, HRMLabs provide the mobile attendance to do check-in/out with or without internet connection. System provides live attendance report that can be accessed anywhere in anytime with any devices.

Let HRMLabs helps your company to improve performance through provide best solutions for your employee scheduling. Talk to us to find the solutions! 

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