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In business practice, we know that there are many kinds of leave such as: sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave, and childcare leave. In addition, there will be a mechanism to apply for leave and also to grant leave that we often allocate too much time on it. As an HR staff, your inbox might be filled with multiple leave request for approval from the employees. You might also waste your time on the tiresome work to check the leave balance of every employee on your spreadsheet with so many tabs and data before you give approval for their leave request.

Having excel sheets to handle the process is still possible for a small team but as your organization scale up, capturing leave information of every employee with many tabs can complicate the process even more. Managing leave, indeed, is not an easy task and HR staff may face a big challenge to effectively manage employee leave. 

Moreover, its time-intensive nature can impact your employees’ productivity. Within the manual system, as the managers struggle with a lot of work doing approval, employees may have a hard time to get their leaves approved. They would need to do a time-consuming task of bringing the hardcopy of their leave request and go after the managers or HR staff instead of working on another important task. Additionally, with the traditional way, employees become more dependent to their managers as they don’t have the access for leave information and thus it’s impossible to implement a self-service system. 

Now, it is time to put aside the tiresome work by transforming your classic leave management into an automated system that can show the employee leave request, leave balance, and enables managers to give approval faster and easier.

Today’s digital system is more often found in the form of a web based application due to the easy accessibility and its ability to run on any device and operating system. When employee request for leave, manager can see it in employee menu then easily approve or reject the request in one click away. Managers or HR staff don’t need to check each employee leave balance by navigating to each spreadsheet’s row as the system already takes care of it by automatically updating leave information. It’s also easier for employees as they don’t have to waste their time chasing the managers or HR person to seek for approval. Because once the managers done the approval, they will be notified and they can see it on their page that their leave requests are approved or rejected.

With an automated leave management, employees can see how much leave they’ve taken, how much that remains, and it makes it easier for employees to apply for leave from anywhere at any time via web or mobile application. Employees are also able to attach medical certificate if needed. It also eliminates the excessive use of paper work because employee doesn’t need to use paper to apply for leave anymore. Furthermore, the data can be used to speed up the payment process in the company as the system will automatically track the leave pattern and get the data of each employee’s working days and calculate each payroll.

In the end, a leave management system can automate the process revolved around leave within a company, saving time, and resource because it allows employees to focus on their tasks and eliminate the manual way to records leave documents. You can achieve this benefit by implementing an HR system, such as HRMLabs to manage leave request in more efficient way.

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