4 Tips For Better Performance Appraisal

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Performance appraisal can be a complicated process in a company. Since manager needs to communicate with the employees and the leaders. They also need to find the best questions for it that would benefit both the company and the employees.

For manager that already done a lot of performance appraisal, they might not have any difficulties in doing this process. But, for those who haven’t done it before, this process can take a lot of time and consideration.

Here are some of the tips for a better performance appraisal.

Underline what you want your employee to learn from the performance appraisal

Employees might done a good job on a particular project but perform poorly on another project. Instead of telling them “good job” or “this could be improved”, the performance appraisal should more practical goals. What kind of knowledge do you want employees to have after this process? What can the company do to support this? Give employees practical ways to improve and grow.

Reflect on the past but focus on the future

This process may be focused on past performance. While acknowledging past performance is important, focus on the future is more important. Employees should have the opportunity to do the correct performance and how to work aligns with the company’s goals. Company should also give employees a chance to develop their skills based on the results. This will be a win-win for both employees and company.

Make the Discussion Two-Way

When doing performance appraisal, employees should be heard more. Instead of giving them a lecture about what’s lacking in their performance or what is their strength and how they could improve it. Make the discussion just like an ordinary discussion. Keep it positive, reinforcing, and developmental for the employees.

Continuing Support For the Employees

After finish the process, don’t forget to ensure employees your support and what company can do to show it. Check with the employees the progress of their goals and make sure they have enough resources they need. Because these processes is not ended when the process is over. It is more like a continuing process. Manager should review the results and define what’s the next step to solve any problems.

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