Companies Need to do Automation in HR

automation in HR

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Human resource is one of the most important departments in a company. This makes the HR department should take benefits of digitalization to do automation in HR. Especially, HR managers, need to perform HR tasks such as payroll, performance management, attendance record, etc with automation. Automation in HR will save time, effort and this lead to better productivity for the HR department and the company itself.

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the HR department can automate 80% of their tasks using existing technology. HR functions are characterized by the ability to automate process-based workflows such as settings and layoffs. McKinsey, for example, found that 56% of “post-retirement hiring” in human resources can use automation too. You can do automation in HR in your company with HR software.

Why do Companies Need to do Automation in HR?

HR Department Can Focus More On Career Management Support

Automation in HR processes means that the HR department doesn’t need to do repetitive tasks anymore. This will allow HR staff to focus more on decision-making and strategic tasks. Also, automation in HR is one of the great ways to save employees’ time. Furthermore, it can cut expenses so the budget can be allocated for another task. In addition, it can ensure that the HR managers have control over some important decisions such as hiring decisions and employees’ career management support.

Make Reports Automatically

In order to function smoothly without any mistakes, the HR department needs to automate its tasks. Report making is one of them. With automation in HR using HR software, the HR department can make reports that the company needs in no time. Also, the HR department can provide necessary reports without errors that prone to happen when the staff does the report manually.

Improved the Employee Experience

As the company grows, more employees will need HR assistance, each with different requirements. With automation in HR, employees can do self-serve and the HR department can monitor it from one centralized platform. Thus, decreasing the time needed to do assistance. This can lead to improved employee satisfaction.

Data Security

With automation in HR, this means that the software your company use will backup your data to cloud service. This is very important in case there is some accident that happens in your company such as fire. If you haven’t automated HR tasks, imagine if there is a fire broke in your company and all the important data lost with no backup. It also reduces the risk of some error from a manual process that further can lead to a bigger problem such as tax disputes or legal issues.

With HRMLabs, you can automate your HR tasks such as attendance takingleave requests, and payroll calculations. Our software completely cloud-based so your data will be stored safely. The HR department can monitor their whole function from one platform that can be accessed in Windows or macOS.

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