Tips to Transform Remote Working Experience

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of companies require their employees to work remotely from home. Aside from this reason, remote working from home is also something that has been gaining popularity. For instance, in the gig economy, employees can earn decent incomes from working on short-term contracts for different companies in the comfort of their homes but without the stress of traffic, dress codes or rigid schedules, or difficult personalities in an office environment.

Managing in-office and remote employees surprisingly has little difference. But still, there are some aspects that need to be considered.

Ensure Clear and Efficient Communication Channels

While remote employees work separately from their own place, it is very important to have a clear communication channel. Because, if the communication is not clear, it might lead to miscommunication between the employees. This is why it is crucial that managers must maintain a clear communication channel.

Besides, it is important for employees to understand the company’s remote work policies regarding communication. If there are some issues that need quick action, a phone call is better than email, text, or slack.

Stay Aligned with Company Culture

Even if you’re physically far from the office, you should do whatever you can to keep things aligned with your existing company culture. The first step, you can still do those little things you did in the office continue while working remotely. This might include chatting about a new release movie with your co-worker or how was the football match last night.

For example, your company culture is that employees should report to the manager once a week. While working from home, you should also do this virtually. You and your manager can agree on how to do this virtually.

Protect Your Workspace

Are you still remember that BBC interview that was interrupted by a toddler? It might be fun for some of us but imagine if that happens to you. To avoid this, talk to your family members about your working hours. Tell them your rules during your working hours and how they can help you maintain your focus on work.

Work-life vs Personal Life

Working remotely from home can be hard at first because you work and rest at the same place. It might cause confusion and isolated feeling. You should give a clear line between your work life and personal life. If you work from 9-6, then only within that time you will work in front of your computer. Outside that time, you have to take a break like usually you do while working from the office.

You might feel not get used to remote working at first. But as you start to customized by remote working, you will know what’s best to boost your productivity.

Stay safe!