QR Code Attendance For Faster Attendance Taking

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Attendance taking is one of the top priorities for many business owners. It makes the HR department easier to schedule annual leave and identify any attendance issues. Also, maintaining a good attendance record is crucial to help a company especially the HR department to keep track of absenteeism and to reduce it. Attendance taking also helps the company to comply with government regulations regarding working hours and overtime.

There are many different ways to track employee attendance, including:

  • Manually entering employee hours into a spreadsheet
  • Card swiping
  • Fingerprint and retina scans
  • Tracking employees through a GPS system
  • A traditional attendance register
  • QR code scan

Now, you might familiar with those ways to track employee attendance except QR code scan. How this exactly works and why it can make attendance taking more efficient?

QR Code For Attendance Taking

This method provides a simple approach to handling employee attendance. Basically, employees use their own smartphones to scan the already provided QR codes when they come to work to check in their attendance. When they get off from work, they need to scan again to check out from work.

Here are the main benefits of using QR codes to track attendance or facilitate check-ins:

  • Easy Assembling and Disassembling: Resources such as money, labor, stationery, and time are significantly spent in setting up and disassembling attendance and check-in counters. With QR codes, these get reduced by one-tenth at least. They take less check-in time and fewer staff members too. Further, it is easy to use a smartphone as a QR code scanner via mobile apps. There is seriously no need to worry about arranging laptops, staff members, and stationery.
  • Simple Pre-preparation: As the smartphone QR code scanners are simple and easy to use, there is no need for special training for the event staff members. The HR department only needs to generate and place the QR code on the entrance. There is also no need for laptops for entering attendance details and confirming the name.
  • Faster Attendance Taking:  The QR code technology takes only a few seconds per employee for checking in.
  • No Electricity: Most attendance or sign-in desks need internet and power supply so that their laptops function well. QR code scanners using mobile apps on a smartphone don’t need electricity to scan the code.
  • Least Paper Waste: Yes, QR codes are a green solution too. As the HR department doesn’t need to use a lot of paper to record employees’ attendance. The whole attendance data will be stored in the online cloud. This data can be accessed at any time.

How Do I Get The Attendance Management Software?

QR codes for the attendance management software are also more efficient. They work with Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) to track employee attendance. Make sure that the barcode field for each employee appears on the phone with the software.

This software also available in advance HRMS, so it allows you to speed up the introduction of mandatory attendance management. This tool may cover an entire district or may only be mandatory for certain companies. The main objective of the software is to manage the daily presence of employees. In accordance with the requirements of company laws, such as mandatory codes, rules, and other requirements.