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Inventory Tracking at Your Convenience

Manage company asset such as uniforms and equipment that are being issued or assigned to your employee in one easy to use HR inventory management system.

Inventory Record

HRMLABS provide inventory management system to help companies record the list of uniform, cap, and other inventory items, and show how many inventories are available to be used by employees and is able to show the inventory shortage.

Track and Get Details

Our system enables the company to track which employee who is assigned with the inventory and how many inventory did an employee bring along with them, and record the returned inventory.


Inventory List

Inventory list contains data of inventory that is owned by company, available and can be used by employees, such as: cap, uniform, and tools.

Expired Items

This features shows how many items in the inventory that can’t be used anymore by the employee, whether it’s out of date or damaged.

Employee Inventory

Show list of inventory used by employee and shows who’s assigned with certain inventory items in a period of time.

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