HR Practices to Follow in 2021

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Every company is different and unique. Thus make the company needs on HR practices are different for each company. But, there are some HR practices that universal so it can be applied to every company. This idea of HR best practices is that these universal principles can help optimize any business.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, so is how HR practices. The pandemic has caused businesses to rethink any aspects of their operation including HR operation. For example, companies that never consider letting their employees work from home now allow some or all their employees to work remotely from home. The company that never use Google Meet or Slack to communicate is now used this software almost every day to communicate with each other. Employees who need to come to the office should be kept safe. Health protocol should be followed by the company to ensure the safety of its employees.

These changes make the HR department to re-think some of the best practices for 2021. Here’s some of it.

Ensure Employees Safety

Before the pandemic, employers only need to make sure their employees can provide for themselves and/or for their families. This is the number one reason why people come to work. But global COVID-19 pandemic forced business make sure their employees that still have to come to the office safe.

Few things to consider to ensure employees safety at the office:

  • Place hand sanitizers throughout the office for the employees to clean their hands
  • Regularly disinfectant the employees’ room
  • Limit the employees who can use the conference room at the same time
  • Spread out employees desk to make them comply with social distancing protocol
  • Put plexiglass barriers for the cubicles or for the employee who directly face the customer, for example, cashier
  • Provide an air purification system
  • Mask on policy

Hire the Best Talent

By hiring the best talent, they can add value to the company. Don’t just hire anyone, the company needs people who are fit for the job. The research found that the difference between an average performer and a high performance is as high as 400%. So, prioritize looking for the best people in the company

Onboarding Process

Once you get the best people for your company, the next step is to help them to adapt to their new job. Because starting a new job at a new company can be a challenging transition for anyone. So, make sure to give new employees an onboarding process. Remember that up to 20% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment due to weak onboarding and training.

Keep the Communication Channels Open

Keeping communication channels open is one of the essential HR practices. Whether your employees are working from home, working in the office, or doing both. It is important to listen to the employees’ voices. Because if they feel that their voice isn’t heard, they may find it hard to motivate themselves for work.

COVID-19 pandemic has also changed a lot about the way of communication. Software tools such as Slack or Zoom become common in many businesses in the world. The HR department should ensure that communication through these channels is consistent. Employees have to be comfortable enough to use the tools.

Compensation Based on Performance

When employees feel like they are being compensated fairly, they usually spend less time worrying about why they’re not making more and they will be more focused on their job.

If your employees’ performance always above average, you might want to consider giving them the rewards they deserve. Bear in mind that rewards are not just money, it can be anything else. If it’s about money, you may think of profit-sharing for instance.

Use Cloud-Based HR Software

HR department works are now broadening. Their responsibilities are also more complex. Hiring more HR staff sometimes is not the best option. Start consider buy cloud-based HR software to help the HR department with their works. HR software nowadays has been proven to make the HR department more efficient and effective.

HRMLabs as cloud-based software can help HR departments to do their works in less time. With our centralized system, HR staff can access almost the whole data like attendance records, employees’ data, even leave records on one platform.

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