HR Dilemma: How to Motivate Employees

hr dilemma

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It’s totally normal for employees to get demotivated on their work. This is why the HR department or even the employer needs to motivate employees to do their best on their work.

You might think the best way to motivate employees is by giving them more bonuses or incentives. For small to medium businesses, they might not have enough budget to give more bonuses or incentives, so how they can motivate employees to work on their best?

Here are some low budget ideas on how to motivate employees:

Make Your Ideas Theirs

Your employees might hate being told what to do on their job. Instead, try to ask employees in a way that will make them feel like the ideas are coming from them. Instead of saying “I’d like you to do it this way” try to say “Do you think it’s a good idea if we do it this way?”

Offer Wellness Programs

More businesses are starting to offer wellness programs for their employees as a way to motivate employees. This could mean yoga classes at work, a gym membership, or even workout equipment that you can put at the office. By encouraging employees to take care of themselves, as an employer, you can be seen that you care for your employees. This can lead to an increase in productivity for your employees. Furthermore, this can create morale stability for employees.

Recognize Employee’s Hard Work

Another way to motivate employees is by recognizing their hard work. This is one of the most important factors that contribute to employee motivation at work. About 70% of employees said that their motivation on works would improve a lot if their managers recognize their work.

Think about this. Your employees give their best and a lot of effort into a project that gets good results but they never get praised or recognized for their hard work. Do you think they will continue to give their best? Simple praise such as “You’ve worked hard for this project, thank you very much. I appreciate what you did” is enough to make them feel recognized.

Throw Company Parties

Doing group activity is not easy especially if you have employees that are working remotely. But, for the company that all the employees are work from the office, you can throw little parties for them. Schedule a company picnic or organize birthday parties. By organizing these events, it will remind employees that you’re all in it together, Thus, also can motivate employees to work at their best.

Trust Your Employees

If you are still micro-managing your employees, try to not do this. Try to trust your employees. Instead of micro-managing them, try to ask for an update every week from your employees. If you show that you trust your employees that they can do the best, they will rarely disappoint you.

Motivating employees is not an easy job especially because each employee has their own thoughts. Some employees might like it more if you motivate them by giving them your trust, some might feel like you neglect them by doing so. Find the best way to make employees motivated to do the best in their job and you find your business will grow.