3 Modern Technology That Simplifies HR

technology that help hr department

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Time and Attendance Tracking

It’s important to invest in a time and attendance tracking system to help your company with employee attendance. With modern technology, it will be easier for employees to check-in/out of their workplace. Also, it will be easy for managers to check their attendance.

One of the technologies used in time and attendance tracking is using QR code. This will help the HR department to reduce their administrative workload regarding employee attendance. Because attendance tracking is often a very frustrating experience for HR staff. With the right modern technology, time and attendance tracking can help HR department minimize their administrative workload. The system has to automatically compile the list of latecomers, early comers, absentees, and overtime. The data is better to be saved on a centralized platform.

Payroll System

Payroll is one of the most common administrative burdens for the HR department. Because they have to calculate employees’ payroll on monthly basis and should not make any mistakes. If they make any mistake, employees might get upset and waste their time asking HR to correct their paycheck.

Nowadays, modern technology helps the HR department with the payroll process. A lot of payroll systems can link up with attendance as well. In Singapore that needs to calculate CPF contribution, some of the systems even help the HR department to calculate this. So, it will minimize or even eliminate human error in payroll calculation.

Centralized Platform

As modern technologies evolve, technology becoming a part of our professional lives. People across all industries are already using a number of different technology platforms to help their work. Therefore, your employees especially the HR department will be more than happy if there is any technology that could make their work easier and faster.

Your companies may provide a centralized HR platform that provides employees with self-service options for example leave requests. Also, a platform where the HR department can see the whole data of the employees from attendance, leave, payroll, even the personal information of a particular employee. In addition, managers also can approve/reject leave requests easily via their device.

HRMLabs have all the technology to help the HR department with their works. With the time and attendance feature, employees can do their check-in/out by scanning QR code on HRMLabs mobile apps. The attendance data will be saved in a centralized platform where the HR department can check it in real-time and can make reports from the attendance data.

Also, HRMLabs have payroll system which helps companies from different industries calculate their employees’ payroll automatically. Therefore, the HR department doesn’t have to calculate manually every month. HRMLabs system also helps to generate payslip as well. The company can send this payslip digitally to reduce paper usage. So the payroll process will save time and money.

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