Features/ Payroll

Automate salary calculation

HRMLABS calculate payroll automatically and enables you to generate pay slips through flexible salary structure and respective attendance.

Flexible and Easy to Use

HRMLABS is a highly customizable solution for various business with accurate calculation methods and easy-to-use features which helps clients to work more efficiently.

Automated Calculation

HRMLABS has a very flexible payment formula that help you to solve your complex payroll calculation, plus calculate Tax for you. So that you can get the correct amount by several clicks away. No more calculating payroll and tax manually, and eliminate human errors.

Easy Payment

No headache on payday, we make sure that you will pay your employees’ salary on time with our automated system. Be it with transfer GIRO, check, or generate payslips for direct payment.

Time Saving

With a centralized cloud system, we reduce the time spent on processing payroll and automate process flow from attendance taking, take leave into account, then eventually generating payslip. So that you don’t have to adjust payment with attendance and leave by yourself or facing the hassle of generating payslip, but get the final amount by one button.



Online Payslip

We ensure accurate payment for your employees and provide payslip with configurable payment items such as employee information to show and exemption (allowance, deduction, reimbursement).

Calculate Tax and BPJS

Payroll report that is more accurate and up-to-date with the latest payment regulation, calculate PPh 21 and BPJS. It allows companies to fill SIPP and automatically upload to SIPP BPJS.

Claim dan Reimburse

We provide an easy process to manage employees’ claims and reimburse, that will be adjusted with their payslip.

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