Why SME Need HR Digital Transformation

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In today’s disruptive world, to digitize business processes have becoming a necessary procedure for mundane operations and this includes digitalized HR operation. It has been challenging for Small Medium Businesses (SMEs) to stay relevant and competitive to embrace digital transformation, as well as keep their businesses to survive amongst other big players in the market.

The SMEs Framework to digitize the industry transformation are all about incorporating technology into the current work processes. However, this transformation process is more than implementing a platform and technology to automate the Human Resource Management matter. By going automation, it has provided a self-service platform for HR. It provides new ways in HR tasks, such as scheduling of employee shift, managing of employee attendance, tracking of e-training, and payroll automation. The centralized platform on the cloud platform will bring ease of access and sharing of information.

The manual labor-intensive processes are affecting the productivity of SMEs and spending many days in getting a simple task to complete. For instance, the supervisor must go to the various work site to get the attendance list and spending days in sorting out the payroll calculation. By transforming the HR process will enable them to get done more works with the same amount of time spent. This will eventually help to improve the Organization’s productivity and streamline the whole process. 

HR Digital System serves as a holistic HR function such as handling employee schedule as compared to using traditional manual spreadsheets to manage to schedule. However, we can recognize the difficulties and complications when the number of employees increase over time and make it challenging to trace in such instances. We can also acknowledge the fact that usually, last minutes changes on schedule can be a hassle, making it inaccurate and more prone to error.

Using a cutting-edge HRM technology solution, it has enabled the user to get work done with a few clicks, increase the productivity that is beneficial for SMEs and helps to streamline the manual workflow. Allowing a paperless workflow to have help employee to apply for leave and get faster approval when using a cloud-based HRM technology without printing the physical copy out and chasing after the approver. It has been challenging to manage the payroll efficiently for the HR employees every month when the payroll calculations are much complex with different work pattern and different shifts on top of the routine HR responsibilities.

Transforming the traditional HR to HRM digital systems will be beneficial as it shows the specific hours spent by employees. This helps the company to prevent unnecessary clocking of overtime and help employees to be more productive.

However, SMEs need to be careful when adopting the new technology so it won’t seems to be jeopardizing the business process. Business should embrace technology ensuring the digital HRM system should integrate seamlessly, future-ready and scalability with their current operation business. Of course, the investment of a robust HRM solution must safeguard the data when shifting to cloud-based HRM Solution platform. The technology serves as a precise reason and answering company needs, with the simplicity HRM solution which allows the company to spend lesser time in IT management and securing of data. Embracing a cloud-based HRM solution allows the user to access their data anytime, anywhere without any downtime, plus the benefit of updating the latest information efficiently and easily. 

The small business that can cover these requirements will be able to do the transformation to improve productivity and consistent growth in the business. Talk to us now to find out how our HRM solutions can redesign and restructure your job to make it easier, faster and safer.