HRMLabs in Indo Security Tech 2019, Jakarta Indonesia

HRMLabs in Indo Security Tech 2019

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The 3 days event is held together with INALIGHT 2019, Solartech Indonesia 2019, Inagreentech 2019, INATRONICS 2019, Battery Indonesia 2019, Cable & Wire Indonesia 2019 and PowerGen & RE Indonesia 2019. Features that showed in this event is technologies and innovations of loT, big data, cloud system, video analytics, home and building, security system and many more.

HRMLabs has been participating in Indo Security Tech that take place on April 4-6 2019 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Through this event, it’s great opportunity for HRMLabs to present our solutions to the audience with the face-to-face conversation. So we can helped them to identify the business problem and provide the explanation of how HRMLabs helps their company.

In the recent years, the digital transformation has been the highlight in many industry as we gone through the effort to get a better living with technology. This is the effort to change the manual, costly process into an affordable digital solutions.

HRMLabs is a seamless hr solutions that aims in digitizing the manual driven process flow such as employee records, attendance, leave, payroll, even inventory management. By digitizing and automating the entire process, it will reduce manual intervention, reduce human error and save more time. 

Furthermore the solutions will help HR departments to more focusing on other strategic aspect of business than spent time on HR administrative tasks.

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