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From payroll, managing employee data, or even keeping up with compliance documents are indeed difficult and demanding tasks. But, you don’t have to do all of it manually. Here’s how you can get them done in no time without spending any time and energy.

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Meet HRMLabs, centralised HR system powered by cloud & automation


No more tedious manual HR work to do

It’s payroll time! That thing that comes around twice a month to add more paperwork to your desk, and take up even more of your day. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. HRMLabs lets you automate all the tasks so you can finally save your time & cost. 

Avoid unnecessary problems by simplifying your workflow

We help you manage the mundane complexity of your HR processes while keeping the good stuff. We use the power of cloud and automation to power up your HR productivity so you get what you need quickly and efficiently.

Focus more on human, not paperwork.

When you have enough to keep track of, why do paperwork have to be one of them? HRMLabs is designed to help you manage your ever-changing HR documents easily and effectively with compliance in mind.

Full Features

Leave Management

Employee Record

Attendance  & Scheduling

Leave Management

Training Management

Performance Appraisal

Inventory Management

Custom Reports

Permission & Authorization

MOM Survey

Our Clients

“HRMLabs is the best payroll software out there. It’s easy to use, nice and clean user interface and the support is top notch. I’ve tried a lot of other software in my job but this one is by far the best one.”

-Andrea Simorangkir, HR Manager


Work less, get more results with HRMLabs solution

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