What are the major reasons employee leave startups to join big corporates

If observed carefully, It is quite noticeable that there is a shift of employees from the start ups ito larger corporate companies although many startups have a higher pay. Here are a few reasons that we observe this trend.



  1. Family pressure for acclaim from relatives. As being a part of some big organization is some how considered prestigious.
  2. High Salary.
  3. Work Pressure and other family responsibilities (related kids and wife/husband) which also take time and it gets difficult to strike a balance.
  4. ‘Crappy’ founders, too much influence of the founder’s personality in daily running of the company, and many mentally or emotionally unhealthy people being attracted to the myth of the start up.
  5. Security, as established companies have established work models and are most likely to keep on succeeding. On the other hand, start ups do not have any proven model.
  6. High expectations going down the road when things get real. Most CEO’s of start up companies put forward high growth dreams in front of employees and when things go south people tend to lose faith.
  7. Large companies being able to offer better mentorship opportunities. Even someone who likes to learn by doing can grow faster in an environment with experienced peers.
  8. Having no stake in the ownership. Many startups, especially in the subcontinent, do not provide equity to employees.

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