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Major problems that human resource management is facing

The past decade was packed with issues pertaining to Industrial growth and organisations success, this affected organizations, managers, and Human Resource (HR) management professionals. Particularly the HR department as executives in this department had to take harsh actions such as Cutting employees pay, increasing work hours, not providing benefits and incentive etc. (image source:www.evantage-hr.com)   These […]

Why is Human resource not enough

Human Resource management is the study and techniques to manage and facilitate proper workflow and manage human capital. Without HRM ( Human resource management) THe Human resource would be on no benefit. Here is a glance of the importance of Human resource management. Image source: ( www.hrinasia.com) Corporate Level For an enterprise effective HRM leads to […]

Why employee retention is much more effective that replacement

(image source: http://easysmallbusinesshr.com/ESBHRpix/Employee%20Retention.jpg) The debate between talent retention and talent replacement has been going on forever. Let’s explore this a little further by breaking it down into benefits and try to explain why TALENT RETENTION is always a better option. Here are the key reasons talent retaining is better than replacement: Capital: One of the most […]

Differenace between an HRMS/ HRIS/ HCM

What is  the difference between an HRMs, HRIS and an HCM for software technologies is something many clients often ask. These acronyms have confused many in the industry as vendors, marketing professionals and analysts seem to interchange the use of these terms when marketing their technology solutions. In this fast growing market there are lots of other acronyms being […]

How important is Human Resource

( Image source: http://www.clorent.com/HumanResource.aspx ) Human resource is one of the the most important divisions in a company. Being able to hone talent and decide workflow is imperative to any company. There are many reasons a human resource division in a company is considered important. Here are a few!   BUDGET CONTROL – Human resources curbs excessive […]

Benefits of using an HRMS for a small companies

(image source: https://jadaratint.com) Most customers who are interested in purchasing an HRMS ( Human resource management system) for their small company back away from the deal because they consider it an unnecessary expense while running a business. Mostly saying things like ” I’m running a small business, I can’t afford to waste money on a software! ” Well, […]